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Our Services

Dan and Kerry bring over 60 years of combined experience in the financial services industry and take pride in working with clients to identify investment solutions based on YOUR goals, not theirs. Since inception, McPherson & Mayberry has strived to assemble a robust team that can assist in bringing a high level of expanded services to their customers. While their focus remains on active portfolio management designed for long term appreciation, an equal amount of importance is placed on providing strategies for retirement income, estate preservation and tax efficiency. The overall goal is to ensure that these primary pillars; wealth creation, wealth preservation and effective planning, are incorporated into a successful long-term investment strategy.

ETF Tactical Portfolios

Tactical Portfolio Management utilizes an investment philosophy based on relative strength and sector allocation. This diverse strategy does away with individual stock selection and instead looks to capitalize on broad industry trends. The model uses exchange traded funds (ETF’s) as its’ primary investment vehicle to gain exposure to specific sectors within the overall market. ETF’s allow the portfolio to gain broad diversification, maintain a low cost structure and retain intraday liquidity. Sector selection is based on relative strength, a methodology designed to identify sectors displaying stronger trends vs. the overall market and its’ peers. By overweighting sectors with stronger relative strength and avoiding ones with weaker trends, the portfolio looks to provide superior performance while at the same time lowering volatility. Performance reporting is provided on all ETF Tactical Portfolios. These reports contain detailed information which may include:
  • Unrealized gains and losses
  • Realized gains and loss
  • Performance analysis and comparison to applicable benchmark
  • Detailed individual cost basis on each security

Personal Asset Management (PAM)

P.A.M. represents a personal approach to portfolio management based on sound discipline, superior stock selection and long term growth. Portfolios are designed to maximize appreciation through a diversified approach utilizing strict individual stock selection combined with active risk management. Stocks are carefully screened based on long term growth potential, superior management, long and short term performance and risk/return characteristics. While the buy discipline is critical to portfolio performance so too is the sell discipline. Companies are monitored to ensure that the factors that led to their selection remain in place. If the core fundamentals identified in the selection process change then the company is reviewed for removal. Performance reporting is provided on all P.A.M. accounts. These reports contain detailed information which may include:
  • Unrealized gains and losses
  • Realized gains and loss
  • Performance analysis and comparison to applicable benchmark
  • Detailed individual cost basis on each security

Estate Planning

At the core, creating an estate plan ensures that your wishes will be followed. Estate planning typically involves creating legal documents to make sure your assets are distributed as you intend them to be-should you become incapacitated or pass away. Creating an estate plan can provide peace of mind and limit conflicts that might occur when no plan is in place. In many cases simply establishing a will is all that is required to address these needs. However as the complexity of ones’ estate grows the need to explore basic estate planning becomes even more important. The implementation of basic estate planning strategies can make significant improvements in the efficiency of the estate.
  • Tax efficiency
  • Charitable giving
  • Generation skipping
  • Business Planning
Recent tax law changes have made updating ones plan a priority to ensure that it takes into account all aspects of the current laws. Let our team of professionals work with you to make sure your plan fits your specific needs. Having a plan that integrates with your overall investment program can provide added efficiencies. Our team works with all aspects to balance your plan.

Insurance/Annuity Reviews

Insurance Life insurance is widely used in estate and business planning because it provides an important source of liquidity when it’s needed most—at the death of the insured. Death benefits are usually received free of income tax and when partnered with proper estate planning, insurance proceeds can be free of estate tax as well. Whether it is used for personal, business, or charitable reasons, life insurance can help you plan for the future. Let us conduct a detailed review of your current policy. This report will compare:
  • Costs
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Performance
Our team can assist you to understand what type of insurance can help satisfy your specific estate planning needs. Annuities Tax-deferred annuities can be an effective addition to one’s retirement allocation. Annuities can potentially provide tax-deferred growth that can augment ones existing retirement income while at the same time providing additional estate benefits. Over the past few years we have seen a number of changes in the insurance industry that have impacted the choices available and the costs associated with many carriers. As competition has increased the cost efficiency of tax-deferred annuities has improved as better disclosure and additional choices have become available. Let us conduct a detailed analysis of your existing annuity to see how it compares.